Competition rules 4K MRUN by Believe


Article 1: BELIEVE APP and MS RUN LANZAROTE, organize a race under the BELIEVE philosophy (where you want, when you want and how you want) which can be done from anywhere in the world through the BELIEVE App within the period of time established in the app

Article 2: The race will be from a distance of (TO DETERMINE), medium difficulty according to the criterion of difficulty established by BELIEVE APP and having to be done in less than 1 hours from any part of the world, and having been recorded the time in the ranking of the event created in the Believe App from 00:00 on September 14, 2018 until 23:59:59 hours on September 22, 2018.

Article 3: Registration for the race must be done through the Believe App. Events / Events / MS RUN BY BELIEVE / Register, from 00:00 on September 14, 2018 to 23:59:59 hours on September 22, 2018.

Article 4: The participant must complete the race fulfilling the ethical, moral and cleanliness commitments in sport, which BELIEVE APP puts in value. Sport is a source of respectable behavior with the environment and with other users.

BELIEVE APP AND / OR MS RUN, may disqualify any participant or delete their time and / or position of the classification in the race in question that has participated, if the computer system on which it is based or in a personal way, detect anomaly or Suspicious record of a misinterpretation of data.

In these cases, the records will be reviewed and analyzed, with the intention of carefully observing the records provided and the veracity of them, complying with the logical execution of the activity object.

In the records in which a circuit is detected against traffic regulations, road safety or the integrity of the user or third parties, will be eliminated from any competition and classification.

Also those who by other means than those authorized in the test, overcome, improve, establish times out of reach of users, known in the world championship record and Olympics.

* A participant who has been expelled from a race may not participate in it again, nor in any other race organized by BELIEVE APP in which any prize is chosen during the period of 2 months counting from the first day after the of the final date of the event from which he was disqualified.

For those participants who have been previously disqualified due to recidivism in disqualifications by one of the race administrators, they will not be eligible for a prize in the races organized by BELIEVE APP.

Article 5: The value of disqualification criterion will be made taking into account several factors of comparison with professional athletes who have made marks in races of similar characteristics under the official timing of entities such as the IOC (INTERNATIONAL OLYMPIC COMMITTEE) or any national federation of Athletics.

Article 6: Any complaint or claim of a participant who has been disqualified by BELIEVE APP AND / OR MS RUN of the race, must present their disagreement and relevant allegations by mail to the address substantiating the reasons for the that the time recorded in question must be accepted by BELIEVE APP and MS RUN. Said complaints must be submitted within 48 hours after BELIEVE APP AND MS RUN disqualified the participant in question. After the same, the user will lose the right to BELIEVE APP AND / OR MS RUN to analyze and study the case in question to accept or deny the claim presented by the participant.

BELIEVE APP AND MS RUN, will have a period of 48 hours from the reception of the claim of the disqualified participant to decide if they accept or deny the allegations presented by the disqualified participant.

Article 7: The data obtained in participation in BELIEVE APP races, in general, may be transferred to a third party with promotional origin. Therefore, you authorize the transfer of the data provided to BELIEVE APP during the participation of the event in question, as well as those obtained during the registration in BELIEVE APP. At any time, a user can avail of the ARCO rights set forth in Law 15/1999 on the Protection of Personal Data (LOPD) or later, as we inform on the web in the section TERMS AND CONDITIONS TERMS.

The personal data will be used for the purpose of sending information about the incorporation of new products, offers, promotions or any type of communication of an advertising nature.

Article 8: The winners of the race will be those participants, who having registered their time in the BELIEVE APP on medium difficulty qualifying ranking, have obtained the lowest time among all the participants that have recorded times and validated by BELIEVE APP and MS RUN in the race on-line made in BELIEVE APP.

The first man and the first woman who meet the requirements stated in the article will be worthy of this award.

The prizes for the race are the following:

** AWARDS OF THE RACE: 2 pairs of Mizuno shoes

Male Category

Female Category

RR.SS POST DRAW POSTRACES:A Weekend for 2 people at the Arrecife Gran Hotel & Spa *****

Article 9: In the races organized by BELIEVE, the final result may be delayed until 48 working hours after the end of it, since in addition to the digital verification factors, they also pass through a manual control system so that the Classification order count with the greatest possible veracity.

* Will be taken into account for events organized by Believe.

** The sending of the prizes is limited exclusively to Spain, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands, if a user from another territory wins the prize, he will have to pay for the shipping costs derived from it, in case he does not want to accept the costs or the prize, this will fall on the next person in the ranking of the classification that meets the same requirements as the previous winner. The acceptance response time of the prize is 72 working hours from the receipt of the email sent by MS RUN and / or BELIEVE informing of the prize, after this deadline and not having answered or having done it not assuming the shipping costs, the prize will fall directly in the next person in the ranking of the classification that meets the same requirements as the previous winner.

*** The articles chosen by the winners of the race or the draws, are subject to stock availability by the partners who provide the same, which can be replaced by another of similar characteristics and value.